How Do We Get Rid of Rats in Walls and Attics?

Pizza Rat was all the rage online a couple of years back. A video of his triumphant trip with his spoils down the subway steps in NYC made him famous. We all laughed–because it’s funny when it’s somewhere else! That same sight close to home is not funny at all. And spotting one, or hearing one in our attics or walls, is no laughing matter! But how do we get rid of rats in our walls and attics?

How Did We Get Rats in The First Place?
Rodents seeking both shelter from the elements and additional sources of food may make their way into your home. Rats need only an opening the size of a quarter to find their way inside. There are many common entry points for rodents, such as cracks in your foundation, gaps where the gutter line and roof meet, siding that has warped, garages, and the spots where utility lines enter the home. Additionally, rats have been known to use the sewer lines as a way to get in through a toilet or floor drain. On its way in, a rat leaves a scent trail that creates an easy way for others to follow suit. As with so many things, prevention is the best way to protect your biggest investment–your home.

 Preventative Measures To Take

Before a problem begins, a trained professional from Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions will come survey your home and yard to assess potential entry points for rats, as well as for other pests and wildlife. Here are steps to take in conjunction with the professional inspection:

  • Have exclusion measure professionally installed (e.g. sealing visible foundation holes)
  • Replace garage door seals
  • Keep indoor food areas clean of crumbs, wrappers, and dirty dishes
  • Contain trash in metal receptacles (not chewable plastic!)
  • Cover utility entry points
  • Do not use foam insulation to seal home, as rodents can chew through this.

But I Already Have Rats! How Do We Get Rid of Rats in Walls and Attics?

If you find yourself with a rat infestation, there are many reasons to call Holper’s right away to take care of you. Our expert technicians start with a thorough inspection to develop a plan for treatment that addresses your specific infestation circumstances. Our techniques and the materials Holper’s uses always reflect the latest technologies and professional grade products. Your personalized treatment program will consist of combinations of the following:

  • baited rodent stations
  • monitored rodent stations
  • rodent traps
  • repairs to entry points

IMPORTANT: All rodent droppings are a biohazard and must only be cleaned up by professionals using the proper safety precautions and equipment!

We at Holper’s look forward to getting rid of rats in your walls and attics. Please call us at 314-732-1413 today.