How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs: Spray Treatment Vs. Heat Treatment

According to a 2015 report from Huffington Post, the five U.S. cities that experience the most bed bug infestations are Chicago, Detroit, Columbus, Los Angeles, and Cleveland. Thankfully, St. Louis isn’t on the list. However, like the cities above, ours has nonetheless experienced an uptick in bed bug problems that’s reflective of a nationwide increase in problems with the insects.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Providers of pest control services typically use one of two strategies to kill bed bugs: spray treatment that disperses bed bug killing substances or heat treatment that heats up the infestation site until the bugs bake to death. Which option is best? To find out, let’s compare the treatments using four criteria that are important to homeowners and building owners.

  1. Cost

Even when it’s used for a small living space, such as a traditional studio apartment, the heat treatment method can cost thousands of dollars. The spray treatment method typically costs significantly less, even if the infestation site is sprayed more than once. If you need to eliminate a bed bug infestation as economically as possible, spray treatment is the way to go.

  1. Effectiveness

The heat treatment method and the spray treatment method are both effective, although in different ways. Heat treating is effective because it aims to kill all bed bugs within a few hours. The spray treatment is effective because it keeps working even after it dries and can last for weeks. When bugs cross a spray line, they encounter the extermination catalyst and start to die.

Overall, the spray method offers the most assurance that bed bugs will be exterminated. Heating up sequestered spaces where bed bugs hide (e.g., under floorboards, inside walls, and inside mattresses) until the heat kills the insects can be difficult. Heat treatment can also force the dispersion of the bed bugs to other areas of the home or building. But deploying specially formulated bed bug spray across paths that bed bugs travel ensures that they will be affected.

  1. Safety

There was a time when the spray method wasn’t as safe as it is today. In the past, the toxic chemical DDT was often used to kill bedbugs. Today, however, EPA regulations for toxic chemicals have driven the creation of new, eco friendly insecticides. The spray that we use to exterminate bed bugs is not a threat to humans, animals, or plants that are in the treatment area.

  1. Convenience

The spray method is far more convenient than the heat treatment method. Before your home or building is sprayed, you don’t need to remove any objects from the structure. However, if you use the heat treatment method, you will need to remove objects that high temperatures could damage, such as oil paintings, computers, foodstuffs, cosmetics, plants, and the list goes on.

Have a Bed Bug Infestation?
If so, how to get rid of bed bugs may be something you think about daily. To translate thought into action, contact Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions to schedule a free inspection of your home or building. Our years of experience in eliminating bed bugs has taught us how to get rid of bed bugs using the best extermination method. For most homeowners and building owners, we strongly feel that the spray method works best based on the factors above.

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