How Do I Keep Squirrels Away?

do I have squirrels in my houseThis time of year, it is not uncommon for pregnant squirrels to search for a perfect nesting spot. As you might imagine, a warm, cozy attic will hold a far greater appeal to a mama-to-be squirrel than an old tree does. Knowing that your attic is prime real estate for nesting squirrels, you have to wonder, “How do I keep squirrels away?” We are happy to share our top squirrel prevention tips.

Squirrel Prevention 101

A few proactive steps will help to keep squirrels away from your home:

● Keep tree limbs trimmed back so that none are overhanging your roof
● Install roof vent covers
● Install gable vent covers
● Install pipe stack covers
● Install dryer vent covers
● Seal gaps in the gutterline

The last item in the list is tricky, as gaps in the gutterline will not be visible from the ground. Finding those gaps to seal will require the expertise of a trained pest control technician.

squirrel-preventionWho Can Help Me with Squirrel Prevention?

The key to squirrel-proofing your house as much as possible is to start with a thorough inspection by a pest control expert who will know what to look for. You’ll never go wrong with an inspection by Holper’s, as our trained wildlife technicians know every nook and cranny to check. Not only can Holper’s find the potential entry points, but we can install exclusionary covers and venting. If you already suspect you have squirrels, we can handle that, too! But if prevention is your goal, we are behind you 100%! Why wait until you have squirrels–let us help you keep them out!

The Helpful Holper’s Team

Every day, St. Louis residents trust the caring technician team at Holper’s with their homes and businesses. We take pride in treating your property as if it is our own. If you want to keep squirrels away, just call us today at 314-732-1413. Let’s conquer squirrel prevention together!