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How Do I Get Rid Of Moles In My Yard Fast?

One single mole can ruin months of labor and untold dollars worth of care devoted to your yard. At the first sign of one, you’ll want to find out how to get rid of moles fast, to limit the damage. Why are moles so destructive, and how does a homeowner get rid of moles in the yard fast?

Well-Designed Yard Destroyers

mole-servicesMoles are excavation machines, with broad, shovel-shaped feet and thick, sharp claws. Their efficiency at burrowing is legendary. Consuming 70 to 100 percent of their weight daily, the enormous amount of energy they expend plowing through your soil foraging for food leaves exceptional damage in its wake. Due to their food demands, moles cover a larger area than most underground dwellers do–and that larger area equals more lawn damage for you. One mole can dig 100 feet of tunnels daily. Their raised-surface tunnels cause damage to your grass roots from the burrowing activity. Seeing the large area of damage, it will appear your yard is overrun with moles. In reality, three to five moles in an acre is considered a large population. Even so small a number can be difficult to capture lurking beneath the surface of your yard.

Is There a Mole Repellent

From a labor and monetary standpoint the answer is no. While spraying your entire yard and landscaping with multiple saturations of castor oil can have a repellent effect, the time involved and the cost incurred make this an unviable option. Similarly,  homeowners sometimes believe that treating their yard for grubs will drive away their moles. Unfortunately, because grubs only make up a very minute portion of a mole’s diet, treating for grubs will not yield the desired result. There will be plenty there for moles to feed on.

Yard Mole Control

Consumer Reports states that trapping is the most successful method to get rid of moles. A trap gives confirmation that every mole is removed. The trap form that routinely results in the highest success is a spear trap, which is set on the newest tunnels to increase your odds of a quick catch.

The Holper Difference

We are the only pest control company that gets to brag that we have “The Mole Hunter” as our president! Because of the expertise passed along to every technician by Jeff Holper, aka “The Mole Hunter,” your yard benefits with your moles added to the more than 50,000 moles already caught by Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions. No matter what types of pests turns up in your yard, the professionals at Holper’s will solve your issue! Call Holper’s at 314-732-1413 to get rid of your moles fast!