What lurks beneath your house in The Crawlspace?

Many homeowners forget about what’s beneath their house when it’s not a basement. You don’t go in it or see it, so it’s forgotten about.

Why should homeowners care about their crawlspaces? Why should you think about inclosing your crawlspace?

In addition to the structural and air quality threats, many states require homes to have a clean bill of health for real estate transfers and that inspection can include crawlspaces.

An unfinished crawlspace, especially where summer humidity levels are high, can lead to large-scale problems with serious impacts including:

  • Uncomfortable humidity levels inside homes
  • Mold growth and odor issues
  • Condensation build-up on insulation, ductwork, piping, etc.
  • Buckled hardwood floors
  • Rotting framing
  • Structural degradation and failure
  • Creating conditions conducive to pest infestations, especially termites

What are the positive impacts of an enclosed crawlspace for homeowners?

  •  Lower Pest Pressure – Taking away moisture and humidity – two things a variety of pests thrive on – will reduce conditions that promote pest activity.
  • Energy Savings – An enclosed crawlspace can save homeowners significant dollars on the heating and cooling bills – as much as 18% on average. An enclosed crawlspace is an energy saver.
  • Guards Structural Integrity – An enclosed crawlspace eliminates conditions that promote mold, mildew, wood rot and condensation, that could damage structures.
  • Improve Energy Efficiency — Having your home more energy efficient can be one of the most cost effective steps you can take in lowering your utility bills. Holper’s can assist you with those steps. We are now offering attic, wall, basement and crawl space insulation. By adding just a few inches of blown-in-attic insulation can reduce your heating and cooling costs significantly. We can spray-foam drafty band boards and window rim sills where pests, spiders and unwanted animals can enter, while lowering your energy costs.


Now is the time to get your home ready for the winter months.

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Home Energy Inspection

Not sure what’s happening in your Crawlspace, Basement or Attic? Have our Certified Building Analyst come out and do an inspection and learn how to keep pests and animals out while maintaining the efficiency of your home.
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