Conquering Moles, Voles & Other Pests

The Biology of…

House Mouse

House Mouse


are classified as omnivores, preferring seeds and grains. The weight of a mouse averages ½ ounce.  The length varies from 5-1/2 x 7-1/2 inches, including the tail which measures three to four inches.
Breeding occurs all year long.  Sexually maturity occurs six to 10 weeks following birth.  Females may deliver five to 10 litters per year, yielding five to six young each.


meadow-voleare classified as herbivores.  Body weight average one to two ounces.  The Length of a vole varies by species and ranges from three to seven inches.

Breeding occurs year round.  Females reach sexual maturity approximately35 days after birth and may produce young 21 days following the first birth.

Voles live in colonies.  The entrance to vole tunnel is typically one inch in diameter.  The tunnels average ¾ inch by one inch wide; having the appearance of bicycle tracks.


mole-removal-servicesare classified as insectivores, eating 80-100% of their body weight each day.  The diet of mole consists of earthworms, but may include grubs and other insects.  Moles can travel as much as 100 feet per day.

Females have one litter per year in early spring yielding two to five young.  A second litter may occur in late summer.  The young are encouraged to leave the nest approximately one to three months after birth and become territorial.

So, why am I telling you all of this?  Because, I want you to know there are pests in many different shapes and sizes invading and destroying your beautiful manicured lawn in many different ways!  And, as you can see, these pests will keep on breeding and turn your yard into their own personal “Golden Corral” if you let them.

The Good News is…You’ve come to the right place! 

You’ve come to the Home of the Mole Hunter.

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