What Common Ants Do We Have In St. Louis?

It’s officially summer in St. Louis, so there are three things you can count on…heat, humidity, and ants! Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions can’t help you with those first two, but we sure do know our ants–more importantly, we know how to get rid of them for you. So, what are these common ants?

Ants, Ants, & More Ants
There are four common types of ants here in STL:

Odorous house ants are the most plentiful ant. They are 1/16 to ⅛ of an inch long, brown or black in color, and primarily wingless. Another trait is that their antennae will be bent. They are particularly drawn to sweets, but any food with easy access is a draw.

Carpenter ants come in second for the most populous ant in St. Louis. Carpenter ants are ⅜  to ½ of an inch in length, and can be black or dark red in color. Some carpenter ants have wings, which leads people to confuse them with termites, but the wings of carpenter ants will only extend just past the end of the body. Like odorous house ants, the antennae are slightly bent. Carpenter ants eat outdoors, but they tunnel through moisture-damaged wood to build satellite nests indoors.

Pharaoh ants come next in line for most common ant in St. Louis. They are tiny ants, just slightly more than 1/16 of an inch long. Often light yellow in color, they can also be reddish-brown. (Their abdomens tend to be a little darker than the rest of them.) Their antennae are distinctive in that they possess a club-like structure at the tip. Like odorous house ants, they enjoy sweets, but will also eat other insects.

Acrobat ants round out the top four common ants in St. Louis. Acrobat ants vary in length from 1/16 to 1/8 inch. They have a very distinct abdomen, which is shaped like a heart. They can be seen indoors in kitchens, tunneling through foam insulation, and often times near other insects’ nests, as they are predators. 

Ant Control Experts

Seeing ants, many homeowners run to the store to grab a can of whatever spray looks deadly. But most OTC products merely serve as repellents, driving ants to other areas in your home, not exterminating them. This is to say nothing of the awful odor of OTC sprays!

The only way to rid your home of common ants, or any other insects/pests, is to have your home professionally treated. Holper’s, taking care of St. Louis homes since 1985, always uses low-impact materials for the safety of you and your pets. What sets Holper’s apart, and contributes to their success, is a three-pronged attack on your invaders: treating the home inside, treating the home outside, and using bait outside of your home.  

To set up your free inspection, please call 314-732-1413 today. You will find the cost of extermination saves you time and peace of mind in the end!