Commercial Pest Control Services: Unusual Buildings Bugs Infest

Many of us have heard reports about bed bug infestations in hotels or have read a review of a “nice restaurant” that got a low rating because mice were practically running the kitchen. But for those who work in the commercial pest control services business, it seems that for all of the buildings that are known for harboring pests, there are just as many buildings that are not known for harboring them, yet still do. Below are three examples of these types of buildings.

  1. Movie Theaters

If you were asked to guess why insects would infest a movie theater, you might surmise that roaches were after the popcorn and candy that are dropped on the floor in screening rooms. In theaters that aren’t well-maintained, this could certainly be the case. However, some movie theaters house a much more insidious type of interloping insect: the common bed bug.

People who have bed bugs in their home can transfer the insects into theaters. Once inside screening rooms, bed bugs enjoy an environment that suits them well. They are nocturnal feeders, and when screening rooms are dark, it often means that movie watchers are seated. Bed bugs can do more than bite theatregoers. They can leave with them and infest their homes.

  1. Grocery Stores

Despite how clean and well-organized they may be, even the most sparkling grocery stores can experience insect infestations. Unlike bed bugs in movie theaters, insects in grocery stores typically aren’t transferred there by humans. Rather, they tend to ride in on produce and do what they can to set up a permanent home in the food aisles of the store soon after they arrive.

Some insects, such as those that travel in on fruit from tropical climates, can’t take the cool temperature that grocery stores maintain to prevent food spoilage and the spread of germs. However, hardier insects that live inside food containers, such as grain moths, can cause a major problem. Imagine scooping into a bin of bulk oats and seeing a flurry of moths escape.

  1. Office Buildings

The only insects that most office workers experience in the office are occasional ants in the lunchroom and the odd fly that buzzes around their cubicles after someone holds the front door open too long. However, some office workers are unlucky enough to experience an insect that a provider of commercial pest control services considers more bothersome: the common bed bug.

An office building seems like the last place a bed bug would want to be. After all, the facilities are well-lit when people are present, which opposes a bed bug’s natural feeding regimen. However, etymologists have found that bed bugs can alter their feeding patterns to suit their environment. This means the insects can start to feast on office workers during business hours.

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