When to Use Commercial Pest Control Services for Stinging Insects

Stinging insects have been both a scourge and a blessing to the world throughout the centuries. When the insects feel threatened — which usually happens when someone accidently stumbles across them — they often release several, powerful stings that feel like getting a series of rabies shots, but many of the insects also pollinate flowers and help preserve natural order.

In most cases, stinging insects pose a problem only when their nests are built in close proximity to homes, on the exterior of residences, or inside them. When these situations occur, homeowners are often unsure about whether they should try to exterminate the insects or have a provider of commercial pest control services perform the job. If you experience any of the four situations below, using commercial pest control services is the safest, most sensible option.

  1. Nests Holding Many Insects

A hornet’s nest the size of a miniature basketball can house hundreds of hornets, and a fully mature yellow jacket colony can hold thousands of yellow jackets. Unless you can see that a nest contains a relatively small number of insects — which is practically impossible when the guts of a nest are enclosed — say no to store bought insecticide and call in commercial pest control services. It will keep you from getting in over your head and being stung repeatedly.

  1. Nests Located in Subflooring

As long as they have a clear path to the exterior of a residence, some stinging insects don’t mind nesting in subflooring, which provides a high level of protection for their nests. More often than not, stinging insects that nest in subflooring are ones that naturally like to nest in enclosed spaces, such as yellow jackets, bumblebees, and wood boars. A pest control service can apply a spray that temporarily expands to fill the subfloor and completely wipes out the colony.

  1. Nests Located Underground

Yellow jackets commonly nest underground and have been known to create subterranean colonies that span the length of a professional football field. These types of nests often have hundreds of entry and exit points, making it nearly impossible to eliminate them by spraying or pouring insecticide down a hole after you see a yellow jacket fly out. Yellow jackets are aggressive, and you shouldn’t stand above their nests with only a can of spray in hand.

  1. Nests Located in Construction Wood

Here, we are talking specifically about wood boars, which resemble bumblebees and chew tunnels through wood to create nests. Because the tunnels can twist in several directions before they reach the nest, it’s difficult to hit the target with conventional aerosol spray — and plugging the tunnels’ entry points usually doesn’t work, either. The insects chew through the obstacle and reopen the hole. In almost all cases, wood boar extermination is a job for professionals.

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If you have a stinging insect problem, eliminating it may be as simple as buying a can of insecticide, but there are also situations in which it’s best to have commercial pest control services handle the job, particularly the situations above. If you experience any of these situations, contact us at (314) 732-1413 or at We’ll perform a free inspection of your property and propose the most economical, effective way to stop the problem.