Three Important Steps to Chipmunk/Ground Squirrel Control

Walt Disney gave us reason to laugh when he created the silly antics of Chip ‘n Dale. But homeowners who discover their lawns have been taken over by chipmunks (also known as ground squirrels) will tell you that there is no laughing involved. How do I stop chipmunk holes? Who do I call for chipmunk control? A homeowner with a chipmunk problem has one goal in mind–how to get rid of chipmunks.

Step One–Why Did These Chipmunks Choose MY Lawn?


Chipmunk hole in landscaping

Chipmunks are drawn to bulbs, vegetation, and decorative grasses. If you have an abundance of these, they are likely choosing you for the buffet you provide. They also enjoy burrowing under slabs of concrete. While it is impossible to completely chipmunk-proof your yard, knowing what they are drawn to is the first step to getting them under control.

Step Two–Professional Chipmunk Wranglers

Trained technicians will set out rodent stations for you, according to the activity that they see present in your yard. Some of the stations will contain traps, and some of the stations will contain rodenticide. The stations with traps will stay until the initial invasion is under control, at which time the stations are all converted to rodenticide baiting stations for long term success.

Step Three–Ongoing Pest Control


Eastern Chipmunk

When your rodent stations reach the point that they all contain rodenticide bait, you have the added benefit of controlling not only future chipmunks that wander into your yard, but also mice, rats, and voles. After all the time and money a homeowner puts into their yard, having rodent stations not only takes care of chipmunk control, but takes care of several other pests as well. That’s a good investment for the beauty of your lawn and gardens.

Why Holper’s?
Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions has been successfully dealing with chipmunk control for over thirty years. We know how to get rid of chipmunks! Our professionals are expertly trained in trapping and baiting, and they love helping to give you back your yard. If you have chipmunks, Holper’s is your answer. Please call 314-732-1413 to let us help you. Whether you call them chipmunks or whether you call them ground squirrels, we can take care of chipmunk control/ground squirrel control!