Squirrel Poison: Do you Know why it Should Never be Used?

When a pregnant squirrel chooses your home to birth her young, she then looks at it as her home.  Often times DIY’s think that squirrel poisons or rodenticides are the solution.  This should NEVER be done.  In addition to being against the law, toxicants are not used in squirrel control as the animals may die in wall voids and cause horrific odor problems. Removal then becomes necessary via cutting holes in your walls. There may also be secondary poisoning hazards to pets or children, and children could be bitten trying to assist sick animals.

Squirrel traps vs squirrel poison

Since 1990 Holper’s has been solving St. Louis squirrel infestations by trapping, the only successful method to deal with this problem.  The trained professionals of Holper’s will inspect your home to determine entry points for the strategic placement of traps. Trapping options are live traps or lethal traps. The decision on the choice of trapping style is determined by the technician and the customer together. Lethal traps are placed over the entry point to the home. If live traps are chosen, they are baited with Holper’s Gourmet Rodent Bait and set in the line of travel outside the den entrance.  These traps are not placed inside because there is poor light and the den is a shelter, not a feeding site.

Squirrel infestation prevention

It is important to note that there are some preventative steps that a homeowner can take to help avoid a squirrel infestation.  Trimming trees back 8 to 12 feet from the structure can assist in preventing roof access. Holper’s recommends the installation of roof vent covers as another prevention for entry points.  It can also be helpful to have your chimney fitted with a chimney cap, which in addition to keeping out squirrels will also prevent birds and raccoons from entering.

Looking for a squirrel home inspection?

To set up your free inspection, please call 314-732-1413, or email us at info@holperspest.com.  We take pride in providing fast, effective, affordable extermination solutions.


When to Use Commercial Pest Control Services for Stinging Insects

Stinging insects have been both a scourge and a blessing to the world throughout the centuries. When the insects feel threatened — which usually happens when someone accidently stumbles across them — they often release several, powerful stings that feel like getting a series of rabies shots, but many of the insects also pollinate flowers and help preserve natural order.

In most cases, stinging insects pose a problem only when their nests are built in close proximity to homes, on the exterior of residences, or inside them. When these situations occur, homeowners are often unsure about whether they should try to exterminate the insects or have a provider of commercial pest control services perform the job. If you experience any of the four situations below, using commercial pest control services is the safest, most sensible option.

  1. Nests Holding Many Insects

A hornet’s nest the size of a miniature basketball can house hundreds of hornets, and a fully mature yellow jacket colony can hold thousands of yellow jackets. Unless you can see that a nest contains a relatively small number of insects — which is practically impossible when the guts of a nest are enclosed — say no to store bought insecticide and call in commercial pest control services. It will keep you from getting in over your head and being stung repeatedly.

  1. Nests Located in Subflooring

As long as they have a clear path to the exterior of a residence, some stinging insects don’t mind nesting in subflooring, which provides a high level of protection for their nests. More often than not, stinging insects that nest in subflooring are ones that naturally like to nest in enclosed spaces, such as yellow jackets, bumblebees, and wood boars. A pest control service can apply a spray that temporarily expands to fill the subfloor and completely wipes out the colony.

  1. Nests Located Underground

Yellow jackets commonly nest underground and have been known to create subterranean colonies that span the length of a professional football field. These types of nests often have hundreds of entry and exit points, making it nearly impossible to eliminate them by spraying or pouring insecticide down a hole after you see a yellow jacket fly out. Yellow jackets are aggressive, and you shouldn’t stand above their nests with only a can of spray in hand.

  1. Nests Located in Construction Wood

Here, we are talking specifically about wood boars, which resemble bumblebees and chew tunnels through wood to create nests. Because the tunnels can twist in several directions before they reach the nest, it’s difficult to hit the target with conventional aerosol spray — and plugging the tunnels’ entry points usually doesn’t work, either. The insects chew through the obstacle and reopen the hole. In almost all cases, wood boar extermination is a job for professionals.

Schedule a Free Inspection Today
If you have a stinging insect problem, eliminating it may be as simple as buying a can of insecticide, but there are also situations in which it’s best to have commercial pest control services handle the job, particularly the situations above. If you experience any of these situations, contact us at (314) 732-1413 or at info@holperspest.com. We’ll perform a free inspection of your property and propose the most economical, effective way to stop the problem.



Pest Control Services: How to Prevent Squirrels From Invading a Home

Most homeowners don’t call pest control services to safe proof their home against squirrels until they have a squirrel problem. Damage to wall studs and floor joists, frayed electrical wires, and annoying scratching sounds coming from walls are just a few of the problems squirrels can cause when they live in your residence. But once the squirrels are eliminated, there are simple measures you can take to prevent the animals from re-entering your home and causing more carnage.

Secure Attic Vents
Attic vents with small openings keep the majority of flying or tree climbing animals from entering your attic. However, like mice and rats, squirrels can squeeze through some amazingly tight spaces to take up residence in a home. When it comes to preventing a squirrel infestation, this is why it can be quite helpful to have a provider of pest control services or a residential handyman affix wire in front of attic vents to prevent even the smallest animals from entering.

Repair Damaged Eaves
Depending on how your home is constructed, squirrels can also gain access to your attic through roof vents that have missing fascia covers. After enter a hollow eave, squirrels can ascend the rafter tail of the eave and journey through the truss until the reach a point that connects with the attic. If there are wooden boards blocking the point of entry, squirrels will chew right through them. They will also chew through other wood that gets in their way once they are in the attic.

Trim Long Tree Limbs
Squirrels can’t fly like birds, nor can they easily crawl horizontally across the underhang of a roof that is lined with aluminum siding. Consequently, the easiest way for the critters to gain access to the roof is to leap on it from tree limbs that overhang the roof. Trimming tree limbs that allow squirrels to reach the roof has an added bonus: It can help keep your gutters from filling up with leaves so quickly in autumn. A residential tree trimming company is the party for the job.

Remove Food Sources
Squirrels are like raccoons and possums in that they will gladly take advantage of unusual food that is accessible for them to consume. Having a full trash can or bird feeders near your house that attract squirrels doesn’t automatically mean they will end up in your home. However, the goal is to remove anything that could easily bring them close to the residence. A provider of pest control services can provide you with advice about the types of atypical food squirrels like to eat.

Have a Squirrel Problem?
If so, the sooner you call a provider of pest control services to fix the problem, the less damage will occur to your home, and the sooner you can look at your walls with the assurance that squirrels aren’t behind them. We use the most efficient methods to resolve any issues you may have. We also identify infestation prevention solutions such as the ones above. Call us today at (314) 732-1413, or email us at info@holperspest.com, to set up a free inspection.


Insect Extermination Services: Examining the Home Exterior

Most people request insect extermination services when they start seeing bugs in their residence. However, most insect infestations are caused by bugs that enter a home from outside. This is why it’s important for pest exterminators to examine the exterior of a home in addition to the interior. If the outside of your residence gives bugs a way to enter, you could end up needing insect extermination services again and again until the problem is corrected.

How Insects Enter Homes
Insects can enter a home in a variety of ways, from being inadvertently transported inside by the homeowner to entering the residence through small spaces in the exterior. Most bugs enter a home under the latter scenario, with some places of entry being more common than others. Below are four points of entry that providers of extermination services routinely encounter, and how they can be addressed to prevent more insects from marching into the residence.

Window Frames
As a home settles, it can put gradual pressure on window frames that causes them to develop gaps between the pieces that compose the frame. The gaps are usually so small that the homeowner doesn’t notice them, but they are often large enough to let in small insects.

If insects are entering your home through gaps in window frames, you probably won’t need to replace any windows. A more economical strategy would be to seal up gaps in your window frames with commercial grade, weather-resistant caulk that matches the color of the frames.

Air Conditioning Vents
Homes that are surrounded by trees and have unprotected air conditioning vents on the roof are predisposed to insect problems. This is because many bugs like to reside in trees, from which they can fly or drop onto the roof of a home and enter its attic through air conditioning vents.

The open spaces in air conditioning vents are often protected by wire mesh to keep out animals, but spaces in the mesh are typically wide enough to let a variety insects enter. Applying wire mesh that has small holes like those in a window screen are better at keeping bugs out. Keeping trees trimmed back from the home often solves this problem.


Cable, Wire, and Pipe Entries
Almost every modern home has places on the exterior where cables, wires, and pipes enter the residence to deliver utility services. The holes through which they enter are usually rather small, and appear to be sealed after the products are in place. However, this isn’t always the case.

Small insects such as ants and spiders often have enough room to squeeze through a small space that exists between the hole and the cable, wire, or pipe that appears to plug the hole. Filling the hole with commercial grade caulk or spray foam sealant could eliminate the problem.

Home Foundation
A crack in the foundation of a home is another common point of entry for insects. Because the base of the foundation extends underground, a preponderance of soil dwelling insects, such as ants and beetles, are commonly seen in a home whose foundation is severely cracked.

The easiest way to fix the problem, of course, is to reseal the foundation in the necessary places. In addition to helping prevent insect infestations, sealing cracks in your home’s foundation will also help keep your basement dry, which can retard to formation of mold.

Need Insect Extermination Services?
If so, don’t settle for a provider of insect extermination services that only examines and treats the interior of your home. The outside of the home should also be carefully inspected and treated. If the inspection reveals exterior places that allow insects to gain easy entry to your house, they should be sealed with an appropriate, high-grade product to help prevent future infestations.

At Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions, over 30 years our many years of providing insect extermination services to the St. Louis area have taught us that examining the interior of a home is only one part of the extermination equation. You also have to consider how bugs are entering the home, and implement strategies that prevent it, from spraying around the exterior to sealing up holes.

If you think that your residence has an insect problem, and you aren’t sure about the source, give us a call today at (314) 732-1413, or email us at info@holperspest.com, to schedule a free examination. We look forward to helping you enjoy the summer season insect-free!



Pest Control Tips: When and Why to Call a Professional Exterminator

Owners of homes of buildings that have a pest control problem often try to handle the situation on their own before they call a pest control professional. However, the fact is that do-it-yourself (DIY) pest control solutions typically have limited effectiveness, especially because they tend to address the signs of the problem, but not its source.

So, how do you know when it’s time to stop dealing with a pest control problem on your own and delegate the task to an experienced pest control professional? Using pest control tips from professional exterminators, such as Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions, we answer this question in the following sections.

When to Call a Professional Exterminator
Because different pest infestations have different characteristics, it is difficult to develop a master list of pest control tips for when to call an exterminator. There are, however, some pest control tips that apply to most pest control situations, and indicate the need for professional help.

  1. The visible presence of the pest is increasing.
  2. The pest causes property damage.
  3. The pest causes physical and/or mental distress.
  4. DIY solutions only minimally help the problem.
  5. When you think the problem is gone, it flares up again.
  6. The presence of the pest is obviously ongoing.

If any of these conditions apply to your home or building, chances are that you are dealing with a pest infestation and not just some stray, unwanted insects. Because a pest infestation and the solution for eradicating it can increase in complexity by the day, it is essential to contact Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions as quickly as possible to address your pest control situation.

Why Call a Professional Exterminator?
A professional exterminator is one that professionally specializes in treating your type of pest problem. Compared to using DIY solutions or an exterminator that doesn’t specialize in your pest problem, calling in a professional exterminator offers the following advantages, among others.

  1. Using a professional offers long-term cost effectiveness.
  2. The interior and exterior of the structure are closely examined.
  3. The latest, greatest pest control solutions are implemented.
  4. The infestation is quickly eliminated.
  5. Eliminating the problem involves minimal disturbance.
  6. Solutions for preventing future infestations are proposed.

Professional pest exterminators are in business for an obvious reason: they offer the most educated, experienced, effective approaches for exterminating tough to beat pest infestations, and propose solutions that help to prevent future infestations and the havoc they cause. If you have a pest problem, using the services of an experienced pest exterminator is the best option.

Need Assistance With Pest Control?
It is never too soon to request assistance with pest control. The sooner you address your pest problem, the easier it will be to eliminate in terms of time, treatments, and overall cost. If you suspect that your home or building has a pest problem, Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions will examine the structure inside and out, see whether a problem exists, and propose a solution.

To receive additional pest control tips and schedule a free examination of your home or building, call us today at (314) 732-1413, or email us at info@holperspest.com. We look forward to helping you enjoy a peaceful, pest-free existence in your home or building!


Bat Control: Don’t Let the Bat Bugs Bite

Many people have heard stories of how physically and mentally challenging it can be to live with a bed bug infestation, but not as many people are aware that bat bugs can be just as difficult to deal with as one of their closest cousins, the bed bug.

Bed bugs and bat bugs are blood-sucking parasites that are members of the Cimicidae insect family. In fact, the two types of insects are so biologically similar that they look the same to the naked eye, and can only be distinguished through microscopic examination.

How Bat Bugs Operate
Unlike bed bugs, which prefer to draw blood from human hosts, bat bugs are biologically inclined to suck blood from bats. However, because they can reproduce exponentially faster than most species of bats, it isn’t uncommon for bat bugs to search out other hosts when the bat population becomes too small to offer enough sustenance.

If a bat colony in your residence leads to a bat bug infestation, these “other hosts” could be you, your family, and your pets. This is why it is important to call an experienced bat control provider, such as Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions, at the first sign of a bat infestation.

If you wait too long to address a bat problem in your residence, you may end up having to deal with more than just a bat colony; you could also have to address a bat bug infestation — a process that entails an entirely different approach than the process for bat elimination.


One Solution for Two Problems
Because bat control focuses on eliminating bat infestations, which commonly occur in the attic or upper crawl space of a home, where conditions are dark, dry and warm, it is also an effective strategy for preventing bat bug infestations.

Because the insects enter a home by riding on bats, eliminating bat colonies is a single solution that can address two problems: bat infestations and potential infestations of bat bugs. Unfortunately, though, many pest control companies that perform bat control overlook the possibility of bat infestations and bat bug infestations occurring simultaneously.


The Truth About Your Bat Situation
Most bat infestations do not lead to bat bug infestations, but when they do, it is important for homeowners to know the situation that they are really facing. At Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions, this is exactly the type of information we provide to our valued customers.

If you have bats but not bat bugs, we will propose solutions for eliminating the bat colony and preventing another one from forming. By the same token, if you do have bat bugs, we won’t pretend as if bat control alone will solve the problem. Instead, we’ll propose a solution that rids you of both situations.


Contact Us Today
Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions dedication to providing accurate information about bat control and other pest control strategies is one thing that separates us from the competition. Instead of selling you services that you may not need, we will tell you the truth about your bat situation, and precisely what must be done to fix it.

For more information about our bat control services, call us today at (314) 732-1413, or fill out the contact form on our business website. With us working as your trusted pest exterminator, you can sleep tight, and not let the bat bugs bite!

We Defend Your Kingdom

When you partner with Holper’s, we have one piece of advice: Prepare for glory.

The order to prepare for glory is a tale of inspiration we draw from King Leonidas, the king of Sparta, and his battle against King Xerxes and one of the fiercest armies in the history of mankind. It’s a tale of a patriotic army defending their native soil against a ruthless conquerer. In it, we find the secret to effective pest control:

If you know who is coming, when they are coming, and where they are coming, then victory is yours for the taking no matter the odds that stack up against you.

In the eternally famous story of 300, King Leonidas quite literally stands in the gap for the nation of Greece. He leads 300 of his personal guards in a battle against an estimated 300,000 Persian soldiers who demanded that Greece submit to the kingdom of Persia. Greece refused to submit, and therefore elected to fight.

Leonidas was woefully outnumbered but fervently prepared. He held a single advantage by walling up in the narrow costal pass of Thermopylae, also known as the Hot Gates. In that narrow pass King Leonidas and his 300 men were the last stand between the Persian army and the peaceful fields of Greece. In that pass they anticipate the arrival of the Persians and leverage that expectation to defeat Xerxes and his 300,000 men, authoring one of the most inspiring underdog stories we’ve ever heard.

King Leonidas’ advantage over the Persians is no different than the advantage you hold over the ruthless army of pests that invade your home. Leonidas didn’t know how many were coming or what they were like. He only knew when and where they were coming, and that was enough to stand in the gap and protect the state of peace in his home. You too can know when and where pests are coming, and Holper’s is here to stand in the gap with you.

It’s All About the Seasons

While most pest control companies will be quick to tell you about the thousands of species of ants, rats, and bees, Holper’s knows that you only need to know one thing: the weather. Thumb through your calendar and look up at the sky and you’ll have all the preparation you need to know what is coming, when they are coming, and where they are coming. Study the seasons and you too can stand in the gap to protect your home against an army of ruthless pests.

The truth is, certain pests will only enter your home at specific times. Ants will only draw near when the weather is hot and dry as they seek moisture and food. Rats will only draw near when the weather is cold as they seek shelter, warmth, and sustenance. Each pest has a plan and a purpose for entering your home. Like King Leonidas, you might be outnumbered but your advantage is your will and wisdom.

Holper’s At Your Service

Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions is dedicated to defending your kingdom. We exist to stand in the gap with you and repel the onslaught of pests that seek to destroy your home and your peace of mind. We put our local knowledge to work for you so that no matter how ruthless or intimidating the conquerer, you are ready and well equipped to overcome what rises against you. Call us today to rally your troops and prepare for glory.

Photo Credit: Tambako the Jaguar (via Flickr Creative Commons License)