tick treatments

It’s “Tick Talk” time!

Now that the winter thaw is over and the Crocus’ and Daffodils are in bloom,  it’s time to start preparing for the warm weather pest to arrive.

Holper’s is offering a service called “Tick Management “. This is not a broadcast spray of the entire yard; instead we focus on areas where ticks are most commonly encountered, known as ecotones.  Ecotones, or transitional areas between woods and field, or brushy areas and lawns, are the most likely place for ticks to thrive.  Close-cropped grass in the middle of the yard doesn’t support tick populations the way more natural areas do. The reason for tick activity in these areas is two-fold:

  1. The hosts for the most common ticks are more likely to be found in natural areas, and the edges are great places for questing ticks to latch onto a passing animal.
  2. Sunny, open lawns don’t provide the humidity most ticks need to develop and thrive the way shady edges do.  Therefore, the entire yard typically doesn’t need a treatment; just treat the tick zones.

Ticks have become an increasing problem to people and animals in the United States. Ticks feed on a wide variety of mammals, birds, reptiles, and even amphibians. Ticks can be a nuisance; their bites can cause irritation and, in the case of some ticks, paralysis.  They can also transmit many human and animal disease pathogens, which include viruses, bacteria, rickettsiae, and protozoa.

Holper’s Pest and Animal Solutions is offering a “Tick Treatment Package”.  This package runs April through October to treat the Tick Zone areas.  This service is designed to reduce the number of questing ticks on your property.    

When you purchase this package before April 18th, you will receive your October treatment FREE!  Packages start at $79 for ¼ acre.  Call us at 314 544-7378 to schedule this service and start enjoying your yard this spring and summer!