Mole Solutions: Kill Traps Versus Mole Poison

If only moles understood how bad they make your yard look, they might stick to borrowing deep underground instead of burrowing near the surface, too. However, unless you live in a Disney movie, where you have the power to talk with animals, the ugly, winding mole tunnels in your yard will not go away without the professional implementation of a mole control strategy.

For many property owners, getting rid of moles comes down to using of one of two mole solutions: kill traps or mole poison. Based on our many years of experience in applying different mole solutions, Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions has found that using kill traps is a better method of mole elimination than using mole poison. Below are four major reasons why.

  1. Kill Traps Are More Humane

You read it right: Kill traps are more humane than poison. Instead of forcing moles to endure the slow agony of perishing by poison, kill traps kill the animals almost instantly. If you have a mole infestation, and you are concerned about treating animals humanely, using kill traps is the best solution.

  1. Kill Traps Always Do the Job

One of the lesser known facts about mole poison is that much of it is grain-based. Because the diet of moles consists primarily of earthworms and other ground dwelling organisms, they often fail to consume enough poison to kill them, if they consume any of it at all. Conversely, as long as they are implemented correctly, kill traps work 100 percent of the time for killing yard moles.

  1. Kill Traps Quantify Results

One of the biggest challenges of using poison is determining how many moles you have killed. Did a mole eat the poison and go deeper in its tunnels to die, or did several moles nibble on the poison and not consume enough to kill them? It is impossible to tell. When a trap deploys, on the other hand, you know that a dead mole is under it, which makes it easier to quantify results.

  1. Kill Traps are Cost Effective

Both mole poison and kill traps are economical mole solutions. However, considering that traps work 100 percent of the time, whereas mole poison often requires several applications to achieve even a small measure of success, using kill traps is typically the most cost effective option in the long run. No chemical attractants or special food is used, just the kill traps alone.

Searching for Mole Solutions?

If so, you may be trying to decide whether to use kill traps or mole poison to exterminate moles in your yard. In our experience, the former option works best for the reasons listed above, among others. For more information about how kill traps compare to other mole solutions, call us today at (314) 732-1413, or email us at We look forward to eliminating your mole problem, and helping you restore your yard to how it looked before moles invaded.


Mole Services: Six Mole Control Methods That Simply Don’t Work

Most homeowners would like to save money on grounds maintenance in any way they can, but when it comes mole services for mole extermination, the old saying that “you get what you pay for” definitely applies. As spring heads into summer, many homeowners will try to save money by using amateur mole control methods that are not scientifically-based, and simply don’t work.

If you are thinking about using any of the mole extermination methods below, don’t waste your time and money on amateur solutions whose effectiveness is purely anecdotal. Instead, contact Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions. We deploy mole control solutions that, unlike the options below, kill moles quickly, and put an end to those ugly tunnels that snake through your lawn.

Poison Mole Bait
What could be ineffective about poison bait that’s designed to kill moles? A lot, as it turns out. While poison mole bait will indeed kill moles if they consume it, the hard part is getting them to eat the product. Most mole bait is grain-based, and grain isn’t a natural part of a mole’s diet. In fact, moles lack the teeth needed to effectively gnaw through the bait and access the poison.

Chewing Gum
Chewing gum has long been touted as a mole killer. The idea is that moles will eat the gum, be unable to digest it, and thus die. While this strategy sounds plausible from a gastronomic perspective, the chance that moles will actually eat the gum is unlikely. Their highly sensitive noses guide them to their natural food sources, and chewing gum is not on the menu.

Grub Worm Elimination
They may not eat chewing gum, but moles will definitely accept a meal of grub worms. Consequently, grub worm pesticide is often promoted as a way to get rid of moles. Ridding your yard of grub worms may make it harder for moles to find food, but it would not make them go hungry. Moles primarily feed on earthworms, so using this strategy is ultimately ineffective.

Vehicle Exhaust
Of all the ineffective mole extermination strategies, this one is probably the wackiest. The reasoning goes that, if you pipe toxic exhaust fumes into a mole tunnel, it will eventually fill the entire tunnel network, and kill moles by depriving them of oxygen. However, in order for the strategy to work well, the tunnel system would need to be sealed almost airtight, which it isn’t.

Furthermore, because the tiny particles in vehicle exhaust tend to make it sink instead of rise, moles dwelling near the surface would be able to make a relatively quick getaway. Despite being sluggish creatures on land, moles can move quite quickly underground, even as they form new tunnels. Vehicle exhaust that slowly wafts through mole tunnels won’t eliminate a mole problem.

Collapsing Visible Mole Tunnels
If you collapse the mole tunnels in your lawn, moles will eventually have nowhere to go, right? Wrong. To the casual observer, it may seem as if moles live just under the lawn surface. In reality, their tunnels run much deeper than this. If you collapse visible mole tunnels, moles will just retreat deeper underground, and soon resume making the tunnels that you just collapsed.


Firearms and Explosives
If the other strategies in this list don’t work, why not play hardball and combat moles with bullets and bombs? As you might suspect, this tactic is more psychologically satisfying than it is physically efficacious. Considering that you would need to use legal explosives, you won’t get much bang for your buck if you try to bomb moles, and shooting at them isn’t much better.

Killing even a single mole can make a homeowner feel victorious, hence the satisfaction of gunning down a mole that moves just beneath the lawn. The problem, of course, is that moles you would shoot would need to be close to the surface. You can’t aim at something you can’t see, including moles in deep tunnels. So, save your ammo a call a mole services exterminator.

Need Mole Services to Kill Moles?
If so, don’t waste your precious time and hard earned money on mole elimination strategies that simply don’t work. Instead, solve your mole problem quickly by putting your money behind a solution that actually works: mole services from Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions.

Our mole services specialists understand precisely how moles operate in their natural environment. This allows us to deploy our proprietary mole traps in an arrangement that eliminates moles quickly and, unlike many of the strategies above, involves no guesswork.

To schedule a free lawn inspection by one of our mole service specialists, call us today at (314) 732-1413, or refer to the contact page on our website. We look forward to helping you beautify your lawn by getting rid of those unsightly mole tunnels and the critters that create them!

Jeff Holper at the Ft. Wayne Home & Garden Show

Ft. Wayne Home & Garden Show

If you’re from Ft. Wayne and have a mole problem, you’re in for a treat. Jeff Holper – the internationally famous Molehunter – is making an appearance at the Ft. Wayne Home & Garden Show! Jeff is a featured speaker and will be conducting a number of seminars and live appearances on CBS, NBC, and WAJI Radio!

The Molehunter has killed over 18,000 moles and will be speaking about an arsenal of solutions ranging from Totally Organic to Slightly Manic. He’s tried everything under the sun and he will tell you what works – why, where, and when. If you want to learn how to kill a mole then you can’t miss an appearance by the Molehunter. Jeff’s mission is to help the human race reclaim its lawn space!

You can catch the Molehunter all weekend long on the Garden Gallery Stage:

  • Thursday and Friday at 1pm, 4pm, and 7pm
  • Saturday at 11am, 1pm, 4pm and 7pm
  • Sunday at 12pm and 2pm

Jeff “the Molehunter” Holper will also be making live radio and TV appearances throughout the weekend:

  • Thursday 12:20 PM at the WANE booth inside exhibit hall at the Coliseum (WANE-TV/15 CBS)
  • Thursday 12:30 PM at the WISE booth inside exhibit hall at the Coliseum (WISE-TV/33 NBC)
  • Thursday 3:20 PM in the Coliseum lobby with WAJI Radio
  • Friday 6:15 PM at the WANE booth inside exhibit hall at the Coliseum (WANE-TV/15 CBS)
  • Saturday 8:00 AM at the WANE-TV studio

Finally, be sure to check out the National Molehunters Association – an organization founded by operated by the Molehunter himself! Even though Jeff is based in St. Louis, you can stay connected with the Molehunter long after the Ft. Wayne Home & Garden Show through the NMHA!