Bed Bugs: Not Just in Beds!

Unfortunately, bed bugs are all too common today, and there are many other ways people can encounter bed bugs, inadvertently taking them home.

Bed bugs are most commonly found in residential homes, hotels, hospitals, schools, warehouses, office buildings and on the seats of transportation vehicles, but there are many other places that are susceptible to infestations.

Schools & Daycares – Bed bugs in dorms, school and daycares have many places to hide, so treatment needs to be thorough to prevent an infestation.

Gyms – Commonly found in gym locker rooms and in shoe storage shelves or “cubbies,” bed bugs often find their way into these public places. When personal items are placed in these spaces, the pests will hop on for a ride back to the owner’s home.  A regular treatment in these shared spaces will help prevent these pests from returning.

Hospitals – Beds are an obvious location to find bed bugs within a hospital, but waiting rooms, visitor chairs and nurse’s stations may also be homes to the pests.

Rental Cars – Bed Bugs hidden in or on purses, luggage or jackets can easily make their way into the crevices of rental cars while the driver heads to their destination.

Coat Check – Coat closets can become dens for bed bugs during a short time.  If one jacket is infested, all jackets near it are at risk of bringing the pests home.

Libraries – Bed bug populations can soar within libraries – living within the pages, bindings and jackets of books and on furniture and carpets.  Because of the high-traffic nature of libraries, bed bugs can enter the building on someone’s bag, book, coat and more, making prevention difficult.

Courthouses – With people constantly coming and going, courthouses are a common place for bed bug infestations to take hold.

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