Bat Control: Don’t Let the Bat Bugs Bite

Many people have heard stories of how physically and mentally challenging it can be to live with a bed bug infestation, but not as many people are aware that bat bugs can be just as difficult to deal with as one of their closest cousins, the bed bug.

Bed bugs and bat bugs are blood-sucking parasites that are members of the Cimicidae insect family. In fact, the two types of insects are so biologically similar that they look the same to the naked eye, and can only be distinguished through microscopic examination.

How Bat Bugs Operate
Unlike bed bugs, which prefer to draw blood from human hosts, bat bugs are biologically inclined to suck blood from bats. However, because they can reproduce exponentially faster than most species of bats, it isn’t uncommon for bat bugs to search out other hosts when the bat population becomes too small to offer enough sustenance.

If a bat colony in your residence leads to a bat bug infestation, these “other hosts” could be you, your family, and your pets. This is why it is important to call an experienced bat control provider, such as Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions, at the first sign of a bat infestation.

If you wait too long to address a bat problem in your residence, you may end up having to deal with more than just a bat colony; you could also have to address a bat bug infestation — a process that entails an entirely different approach than the process for bat elimination.


One Solution for Two Problems
Because bat control focuses on eliminating bat infestations, which commonly occur in the attic or upper crawl space of a home, where conditions are dark, dry and warm, it is also an effective strategy for preventing bat bug infestations.

Because the insects enter a home by riding on bats, eliminating bat colonies is a single solution that can address two problems: bat infestations and potential infestations of bat bugs. Unfortunately, though, many pest control companies that perform bat control overlook the possibility of bat infestations and bat bug infestations occurring simultaneously.


The Truth About Your Bat Situation
Most bat infestations do not lead to bat bug infestations, but when they do, it is important for homeowners to know the situation that they are really facing. At Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions, this is exactly the type of information we provide to our valued customers.

If you have bats but not bat bugs, we will propose solutions for eliminating the bat colony and preventing another one from forming. By the same token, if you do have bat bugs, we won’t pretend as if bat control alone will solve the problem. Instead, we’ll propose a solution that rids you of both situations.


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Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions dedication to providing accurate information about bat control and other pest control strategies is one thing that separates us from the competition. Instead of selling you services that you may not need, we will tell you the truth about your bat situation, and precisely what must be done to fix it.

For more information about our bat control services, call us today at (314) 732-1413, or fill out the contact form on our business website. With us working as your trusted pest exterminator, you can sleep tight, and not let the bat bugs bite!