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It’s For The Birds: Bird Control Services

With our unseasonably warm temperatures this year, birds have been out in force already. Whether they are waking you far too early from your slumbers, trying to build nests in undesirable places, or even flinging themselves at your window at all hours of the day, bird control services are likely on your mind. Nests In […]

Removing Bats From An Attic

(And Why You Should ALWAYS Leave Bat Cleanup To a Professional) Bat season is getting into gear. We at Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions have heard crazy stories from DIY folks that have learned the hard way that this is definitely a job to leave to professionals. We have the most effective eradication services because […]

Are There Home Remedies For Bed Bugs?

Homeowners have a lot of questions these days about bed bugs and the treatment thereof. Some wonder about home remedies for bed bugs, some are curious about how to wash clothes with bed bugs, and others ask how to get bed bugs out of carpets. Read on for some helpful answers. Are There Home Remedies […]

Three Steps to Get Rid of Raccoons

This time of year Holper’s gets many calls for raccoon pest control. This uptick is likely due to raccoon moms looking for a safe, warm place to give birth to their young. If you need to get rid of raccoons, Holper’s has the answers to your questions. How to Solve a Raccoon Problem Scavenged outdoor […]

Attic Insulation in St. Louis

Attic insulation is one of the best home improvement investments if you are looking for an upgrade that pays for itself in the shortest period of time. Spring is the perfect time to address attic insulation issues in St. Louis. The team at Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions adds an extra value to their attic […]

Gopher or Mole? Who is Digging in My Yard?

Our lawns can become great sources of pride, as we often pour countless dollars and/or hours into their creation and maintenance. When our pride and joy shows signs of infestation by an unwanted critter, we want to declare war ASAP. The first step is determining who the culprit is. Often we get calls from homeowners […]

Pet-Friendly Pest Control: Pet-Safe Rat & Mice Removal Services

Some animals we love having in our homes–our beloved pets. These furry companions truly are members of our families and they hold special places in our hearts. But some animals, like mice and other rodents, are not so welcome when we find evidence that they have taken up residence in our abodes. Because our pets […]

How to Tell What Kind of Critter Is In Your Attic

The Midwest is home to many species of nuisance critters. These animals vary in size, habitat, and types of damage done to homes. The one thing they have in common is that their presence needs to be addressed at the first sight of one to avoid serious destruction to your home. You’re probably asking yourself […]

Is It Mating Season For Squirrels?

We’re getting a lot of inquiries right now about squirrel invaders, with many people wondering if the increase is tied to mating season. If you are one of the unlucky homeowner’s whose house has been adopted by a squirrel, we can answer all your questions about squirrel problems and squirrel removal. Is It Squirrel Mating […]

Squirrels In The Attic: Problems and Solutions

Are you hearing scratching in your walls and attic, and is it driving you nuts? This time of year it is not uncommon to find that squirrels have taken up residence in your home. Naturally you have questions. What are signs of squirrels in my attic? What damage can be caused by squirrels in my attic? […]