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Do Termites Fly?

Several of the most common types of termites do have wings, and therefore are capable of flight. However, when winged termites swarm, their wings will fall off. If you encounter a pile of wings close to a congregation of what looks to be ants, you are probably looking at termites that have shed their wings […]

Ants, Ants, Everywhere

What do we want? Spring!  When do we want it? NOW! The crazy weather we have had in St. Louis has given everyone a case of spring fever! The little teases of warm weather here and there only make our excitement for warmer days that much stronger. We are not alone, though, in emerging more […]

A Bird In The Hand: Who Can Provide Bird Control Services?

If you have never found yourself hosting a bird in your home or business, congratulations! Consider yourself lucky to have never experienced the stressful feeling of catching sight of a panicked bird trying to find a way out, to say nothing of the mess left behind. Bird removal and bird control services are a highly […]

Termite Prevention

Your home is likely your biggest investment. It is also a sitting target for hungry, destructive termites. Learning about this devastating invader and taking proactive termite prevention measures are both key steps to protecting your home. Without termite prevention, getting termites is a matter of when, not if. Learn more about termites and termite prevention:

What Kinds of Critters Can Get In Your Attic?

Scratch, scratch, scratch…not what you ever want to hear in your attic and walls. Yet, that is the reality for many St. Louis area homeowners. Could it be bats? Mice? Raccoons? Squirrels? There is actually a lot you can tell from the noises you might be hearing, such as time of day and frequency. You […]

Wildlife Removal Near Me

Wouldn’t it be nice if all nuisance wildlife hibernated in the winter to give homeowners a break? Since that is not reality, finding wildlife removal near me is something you may be looking for right about now! While squirrels and raccoons are busy now, the featured pest in our February Online Newsletter is the skunk. […]

How to Prevent Bed Bugs

The thought of an insect crawling on you while you sleep makes most people squirm.  As unsettling as the thought is, the reality becomes worse if you discover the bug crawling on you is a bed bug. A discovery of that nature quickly leads to wondering how to prevent bed bugs. What Do Bed Bugs […]