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Cost Effective Bed Bug Treatment: The Best Cure For Bed Bugs

Discovering your home is infested with bed bugs is never good news. Adding insult to injury is the fact that treatment can be costly to completely solve your problem. While professional extermination is the best route to take, there can be vast differences in cost. Understanding your treatment options will allow you to make the […]

Fall Mole Treatment: The Best Spring Mole Prevention

Those Maddening Moles Molehills and shallow tunnels are the ruinous results of moles taking up residence in your yard. Molehills are circular mounds of dirt which surround vertical shafts. Molehills usually have round ripple marks made by each new load of soil as it is pushed to the surface. Shallow tunnels create a convex surface […]

Can You Really Get Rid of Squirrels For Good?

In a perfect world, any pest deemed a nuisance could be banished far away, never to return again. Unfortunately, we who live in the real world must face the fact that while there is no way to get rid of squirrels for good, there are people available to help you keep your home and yard […]

Three Important Steps to Chipmunk/Ground Squirrel Control

Walt Disney gave us reason to laugh when he created the silly antics of Chip ‘n Dale. But homeowners who discover their lawns have been taken over by chipmunks (also known as ground squirrels) will tell you that there is no laughing involved. How do I stop chipmunk holes? Who do I call for chipmunk […]

How to Get Rid of Gnats and Flies

We all have had summer picnics and cookouts ruined by gnats and flies swarming around us and our food outside. It is something we have come to expect. But when autumn rolls around and those pests are showing up inside of our homes, that is where we draw the line. Why are so many people […]

Carpet Beetles vs. Bed Bugs

Do you know your enemy? In the case of carpet beetles vs. bed bugs, there can be much confusion as to which enemy you are actually trying to eradicate. Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions has earned a sterling reputation as leaders in the St. Louis area pest control arena by their knowledge about, and successful […]

Rodent Control: Why You Should Use A Professional Exterminator

“When the cat’s away the mice will play” is an idiom we have all heard. This time of year you need to be careful, or the mice will be playing inside of your home. As the weather turns chillier, rodent control and rodent removal become unpleasant realities for many homeowners. You have come to the […]

Five Fall Pest Prevention Tips

As the days get shorter and the temperatures begin to drop, autumn sets in for its annual visit.  But if you’re not careful, the new season won’t be the only visitor you have. The change in weather brings an array of fall pests all looking for the chance to drop in and say hello. While […]