Attic Insulation in St. Louis

attic-insulation-installationAttic insulation is one of the best home improvement investments if you are looking for an upgrade that pays for itself in the shortest period of time. Spring is the perfect time to address attic insulation issues in St. Louis. The team at Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions adds an extra value to their attic insulation installation by making sure your attic is free of rodents and other pests that could compromise the efficiency of your investment.

What to expect from your FREE inspection to determine an estimate

It’s all about the R-value, which most people know indicates how quickly materials such as insulation, walls, and floors will lose heat. The higher the R-value is, the better the retention of heat. Higher R-values also lose heat at a slower rate. For this reason many people only think about their insulation in the fall and winter. However, you should be proactive regarding insulation in the spring because the proper R-value of insulation also helps keep your energy usage and costs lower in warmer weather by helping to hold in the cooling that your air conditioning provides. Why wait until winter to start saving money?

When a Holper’s technician enters your attic for the inspection, he or she will be looking for what existing insulation is present to determine how much needs to be added to bring the volume up to three different measures of R-value. This is provided the existing insulation is still viable. This is where the knowledge of a Holper’s technician is key–a trained pest control expert knows what signs to look for concerning contamination by the urine or droppings of rodents and other wildlife. If the existing insulation is found to be compromised it needs to be removed before new insulation can be blown in.

How is the estimate determined?

Holper’s will base the estimate on:

  • Existing attic insulation that is viable and uncontaminated
  • Cost of the removal of any contaminated insulation
  • Cost of insulation needed to bring total to the R-value of your choice
  • Cost of any repairs needed prior to proceeding with installation

What is pest control insulation?

Holper’s offers two options of cellulose attic insulation for blown-in installation. The first is standard, run-of-the-mill cellulose insulation. While it is definitely a step up from dusty fiberglass batt insulation or blown-in loose fiber insulation, there is a much better option on the market.

Holper’s proudly installs T●A●P insulation, which stands for thermal, acoustical, and pest control insulation. This blown-in cellulose insulation not only seals far more efficiently than fiberglass batt insulation, it also provides two additional benefits. T●A●P provides an acoustical barrier that acts to seal out noise. But its greatest added benefit may well be that by being treated with a higher percentage of borate, this insulation also kills silverfish, spiders, and other occasional invading insects. The video below shows a worker removing old insulation.

When is the right time for attic insulation in St. Louis?

Right now! Why wait to start your energy savings? For attic insulation needs in St. Louis, Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions is ready to help solve your problems, in addition to solving any pest or wildlife infestations you may be experiencing. Call 314-732-1413 today and see why generations of St. Louis area families trust Holper’s to take care of their homes, from top to bottom!