Ants, Ants, Everywhere

What do we want? Spring!  When do we want it? NOW!

The crazy weather we have had in St. Louis has given everyone a case of spring fever! The little teases of warm weather here and there only make our excitement for warmer days that much stronger. We are not alone, though, in emerging more out into the open as the cool temperatures leave…ants are making their appearance in droves, too! All over St. Louis this annual pest is making itself known, and no homeowner is happy to receive a visit. (This is also the time of year when termites show up–if you want to know how to tell the difference between termites and ants, here is a helpful blog from our library. Do I Have Termites or Ants?)

As they say, knowledge is power! Knowing your ant enemy helps for both prevention and for treatment. Our April newsletter featured the ant as the “Know A Pest” of the month, and you can find that information here:

April = Ants

 Know a Pest: Ants

Did you know:

  • Ants are most often drawn indoors for food and water. High moisture areas (e.g. kitchens and bathrooms) will always be most attractive to ants.
  • The most common ant in the St. Louis area is the odorous house ant, which is 1/16 of an inch to an ⅛ of an inch long, brown or black in color, primarily wingless, with bent antennae.
  • Over-the-counter sprays usually act as repellents, sending the ants to other areas of your home.
  • There are a few things you can to do lower your risk of an infestation: keep moisture in your home to an absolute minimum, properly store all food in airtight containers, and keep your gutters clean and remove all leaf debris that gathers around the foundation of your home.
  • The way to conquer an ant infestation is a three-pronged approach: treat the inside, treat the outside, and use bait stations outside of the home.

What’s the fastest way to get rid of ants and all other pests? Call the experts at Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions right away at 314-732-1413 to make your home pest-free!