St. Louis Pest Control Guide

If you are familiar with Holper’s, you know that we esteem knowledge above all else. In fact, in the pest control business we possess a unique belief that the depth of your knowledge is far more valuable than the power of your poison. So with that in mind, we put together a pest and animal guide that we think gives you the depth of knowledge you need to understand how, why, and where pests are entering your home and disrupting your peace of mind.

The Internet is an exhaustive library full of information about pests and animals. Over time, pest control companies have certainly made some wonderful contributions to that library. But keep in mind that in order for knowledge to be powerful, it has to be actionable and applicable. While most St. Louis pest control companies offer boiler-plate copy on local pests, Holper’s delivers custom, actionable, and local pest control knowledge.

We encourage you to be informed. Educate yourself about your pest and animal problems, about the pest control industry, and about what the options are for working with both. If you have additional questions, need immediate help, or just want to talk to someone about your day, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!