Are There Home Remedies For Bed Bugs?

Homeowners have a lot of questions these days about bed bugs and the treatment thereof. Some wonder about home remedies for bed bugs, some are curious about how to wash clothes with bed bugs, and others ask how to get bed bugs out of carpets. Read on for some helpful answers.

Are There Home Remedies That Work For Bed Bugs?

The short answer is no. DIYers may try boric acid around the perimeter of beds and rooms, attempt to kill bed bugs with a regular steamer, or even douse their home and belongings with OTC pesticides. The reason that none of these will work is that pest control professionals have materials available to them that are superior formulations which are needed to specifically target the life cycle of bed bugs. For this reason it is imperative to call on the expertise of a professional pest control company with experience in successfully ridding homes of bed bugs.

How Do I Wash Clothing With Bed Bugs?

While part of the process to get rid of bed bugs, washing bed bug infested clothes is not a solution in and of itself. When professionals prepare to treat your home, one of the things you will need to do beforehand is wash your clothing in hot water, and then transfer them to a dryer for 90 minutes on high heat. There are clothing treatment options available from pest control specialists that yield better results when used in conjunction with washing your clothing according to the above directions. Increase your odds of success with a one-two punch!

How Do I Get Bed Bugs Out of Carpets?

Professional treatment is the only way to accomplish this. Trained technicians need to apply bed bug-specific insecticide to all carpeting, as well as furniture, in an affected area to completely rid your home of all stages of bed bug infestations.

Who Can Solve My Bed Bug Problems?

The trained professionals of Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions are your most cost effective treatment option to kill bed bugs! From the first visit for a thorough inspection, to the complete eradication of your bed bug infestation, Holper’s treats your home with TLC to give you back your peace of mind. Don’t throw away money and time on treatments that fail. Whether you are wondering if there are home remedies to get rid of bed bugs, are curious how to wash clothing with bed bugs, or are concerned about how to get bed bugs out of carpets, call 314-732-1413 to let Holper’s give you cost effective bed bug treatments that work!



Cost Effective Bed Bug Treatment: The Best Cure For Bed Bugs

bed bugs on ceiling

Bed bugs on the ceiling

Discovering your home is infested with bed bugs is never good news. Adding insult to injury is the fact that treatment can be costly to completely solve your problem. While professional extermination is the best route to take, there can be vast differences in cost. Understanding your treatment options will allow you to make the most cost effective choices to kill bed bugs.

Why Not DIY?

Trying to do it yourself usually just adds to the cost, as products available to the public are just not the same strong grade as what professionals use. You’ll find that after all the hassle and cost of trying to kill bed bugs yourself, you’ll wind up calling a professional because bed bugs are one of the toughest pests to eradicate.

Why Not Heat?

bed bugs

Bed bugs on a box spring

Many pest control companies promote heat application as the be all and end all of bed bug treatments. While heat can be successful with multiple treatments, there is a very real risk to your belongings when the heat is applied. Heat treatments are very costly money-wise, and they are also costly time-wise, as they require extensive preparations from the homeowner to protect the household furnishings from permanent damage each time there is a treatment. Removing and returning your furnishings increases the likelihood that the bed bugs will spread to other areas of the house as you move your things, and also increases the likelihood that you’ll move the bed bugs right back into the house after the heat treatment. In short, heat treatments will not only sweat extra cash from your wallet, but will drain you of time as you remove your decor from your home.


Bed bug on a box spring

What Is The Most Cost Effective Treatment for Bed Bugs?

The most cost effective way to eradicate your bed bug infestation requires a targeted treatment approach with the proper placement of materials, and addressing all life stages of the bed bug. The first step must be a thorough inspection by a trained technician to assess the areas and saturation of the infestation, as the bed bugs are usually not confined to one room. (They love to hitchhike and let you take them from room to room before they disembark.) After the inspection, treatment can begin. The first step is vacuuming up any visible bed bugs from beds, couches, pictures, floorboards, etc. Once this is completed, professional grade materials are applied. The perimeter of each affected room is treated, along with every crack and crevice in the furniture. Tiny wall ports are installed to allow treatment in wall voids where many of the bed bugs hide. Finally, specially treated mattress covers are applied to manage whatever stages of bed bugs might remain inside. With the technology available today, there is no need to throw away your mattress after a bed bug infestation.

Why Holper’s For Bed Bug Treatment?

The trained professionals of Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions are your most cost effective treatment option to kill bed bugs! From the first visit for a thorough inspection, to the complete eradication of your bed bug infestation, Holper’s treats your home with TLC to give you back your peace of mind. Don’t throw away money and time on expensive heat treatments. Call 314-732-1413 to let Holper’s give you cost effective bed bug treatment that works!

How to Prevent Bed Bugs

The thought of an insect crawling on you while you sleep makes most people squirm.  As unsettling as the thought is, the reality becomes worse if you discover the bug crawling on you is a bed bug. A discovery of that nature quickly leads to wondering about bed bug treatments.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

bed-bug-treatmentsLess than ¼” long, adult bed bugs are flat, wingless, oval-shaped insects which are brown in color. Younger bed bugs are lighter in color and tinier. The eggs that bed bugs lay are minute and white in color.  It is important to know how bed bugs live and eat to properly eradicate them. Bed bugs at all phases of development need a blood meal to advance to the next stage.  Their favorite meal source is a sleeping human or animal.  A single feeding can supply life to a bed bug for up to an entire year.

How Do Bed Bugs Spread?

Bed bug mobility is accomplished by attaching to, and catching a ride on, clothing, bedding, furniture, and luggage.  They expand their territory by letting you take them there!

Bed Bug Bites

bed-bug-eggsWhile not known carriers of any diseases, bites do cause allergic reactions such as redness, swelling, and itching in some people.  Infection and scarring can arise as a result of scratching the bite. Since the majority of people do not react to bed bug bites, the colony of bed bugs living in your mattress grows unchecked for a long period of time.  The bigger the infestation, the harder it is to treat all the areas where they have spread.

Bed Bug Bombs and Other Ineffective Treatments

It is common for homeowners to try a DIY approach. If you want to bomb out in your attack on bed bugs, use a bed bug bomb! Bed bug bombs are often tried first with the erroneous belief that the fog will penetrate all areas to kill the bed bugs. In actuality, it cannot reach the cracks and crevices where the bugs and eggs are hidden. Other ineffective treatments include boric acid, household bug sprays, Lysol-type products and bleach.

Holper’s Expertise With Bed Bug Services

Your advantage in using Holper’s begins with the inspection process. The extent to which the infestation has spread will determine the treatment plan your technician creates for you, as all infestations are unique.  As St. Louis leaders in bed bug control, Holper’s has found heat to be an unnecessary (and often unsuccessful) step in the treatment process, potentially saving homeowners thousands of dollars. Using integrated pest management (IPM) Holper’s utilizes the most up-to-date technologies and materials available to pest management professionals to eradicate your infestation without the disruption of a heat treatment.

Holper’s is nearing the launch of its Bed Bug Protection Plus service. Holper’s is so confident of the effectiveness of the technology and materials used in this treatment plan that they will be guaranteeing you will never get bed bugs or they will treat your home for free!

Preventing Future Infestations

bedbugsThe quest for how to prevent bed bugs is difficult because of their tiny size, night feeding, and ability to hitchhike. Finding bed bugs early is the key to preventing their spread. Here are a few ways you can lessen the likelihood of infestation or re-infestation:

  • Watch carefully for signs of bed bugs: waking up with bites; seeing live bugs; or finding dark red or black spots on bedding, carpets, walls, and furniture.
  • Paint and/or caulk near sleeping areas – such as along baseboards, windows and bed frames – to seal hiding spots.
  • Closely inspect used furniture before bringing it into your home. Look for signs of infestations in cushions, zippers, seams, and underneath (including springs and frames). If possible, use a magnifying glass. Beware of items left in alleys and dumpsters!
  • Thoroughly inspect your surroundings when staying in an unfamiliar place. Bed bugs can hitch a ride home on your clothing or luggage.

Most importantly, Holper’s bed bug treatments applied on a regular schedule greatly lessen your possibility of infestation. Holper’s will take care of you every step of the way until you are free of bed bugs. So put down that bed bug bomb and call 314-732-1413 because Holper’s knows how to prevent bed bugs.


How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs: Spray Treatment Vs. Heat Treatment

According to a 2015 report from Huffington Post, the five U.S. cities that experience the most bed bug infestations are Chicago, Detroit, Columbus, Los Angeles, and Cleveland. Thankfully, St. Louis isn’t on the list. However, like the cities above, ours has nonetheless experienced an uptick in bed bug problems that’s reflective of a nationwide increase in problems with the insects.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Providers of pest control services typically use one of two strategies to kill bed bugs: spray treatment that disperses bed bug killing substances or heat treatment that heats up the infestation site until the bugs bake to death. Which option is best? To find out, let’s compare the treatments using four criteria that are important to homeowners and building owners.

  1. Cost

Even when it’s used for a small living space, such as a traditional studio apartment, the heat treatment method can cost thousands of dollars. The spray treatment method typically costs significantly less, even if the infestation site is sprayed more than once. If you need to eliminate a bed bug infestation as economically as possible, spray treatment is the way to go.

  1. Effectiveness

The heat treatment method and the spray treatment method are both effective, although in different ways. Heat treating is effective because it aims to kill all bed bugs within a few hours. The spray treatment is effective because it keeps working even after it dries and can last for weeks. When bugs cross a spray line, they encounter the extermination catalyst and start to die.

Overall, the spray method offers the most assurance that bed bugs will be exterminated. Heating up sequestered spaces where bed bugs hide (e.g., under floorboards, inside walls, and inside mattresses) until the heat kills the insects can be difficult. Heat treatment can also force the dispersion of the bed bugs to other areas of the home or building. But deploying specially formulated bed bug spray across paths that bed bugs travel ensures that they will be affected.

  1. Safety

There was a time when the spray method wasn’t as safe as it is today. In the past, the toxic chemical DDT was often used to kill bedbugs. Today, however, EPA regulations for toxic chemicals have driven the creation of new, eco friendly insecticides. The spray that we use to exterminate bed bugs is not a threat to humans, animals, or plants that are in the treatment area.

  1. Convenience

The spray method is far more convenient than the heat treatment method. Before your home or building is sprayed, you don’t need to remove any objects from the structure. However, if you use the heat treatment method, you will need to remove objects that high temperatures could damage, such as oil paintings, computers, foodstuffs, cosmetics, plants, and the list goes on.

Have a Bed Bug Infestation?
If so, how to get rid of bed bugs may be something you think about daily. To translate thought into action, contact Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions to schedule a free inspection of your home or building. Our years of experience in eliminating bed bugs has taught us how to get rid of bed bugs using the best extermination method. For most homeowners and building owners, we strongly feel that the spray method works best based on the factors above.

To get started on diagnosing and eliminating a bed bug problem, call us at (314) 732-1413, or email us at We look forward to making your residence or business space more inhabitable by helping you stop pest problems and prevent them from reoccurring.