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Moles vs. Ground Squirrels

Having nuisance wildlife is not fun. Finding the damage is usually the first step. Figuring out what caused it is the next step, and unless you have seen the culprit firsthand, some helpful clues will be handy. How do you know what type of nuisance wildlife is leaving damage in its wake? What are the […]

Will Bed Bugs Die On Your Body?

You just never know what is on people’s minds! One recent question we received was, “Will bed bugs die on your body?” We are happy to tell you that no, bed bugs will not die on your body. They are actually energized by feeding on you! That is literally their lifeblood! For more information on […]

Why You Need a Professional for Bat Remediation

In this age of DIYers, an Internet search will show you steps to handling almost any type of situation yourself. But there will always exist “how-to” instructions that are best left to professionals only. If you are tempted to search for “how to get rid of bats” or “what do I need to do to […]

Tips for Fighting Pests In Unseasonably Warm Weather

If you have wondered about the unseasonably warm weather having an effect on pest populations, your instincts are very good! While St. Louisans have been enjoying some unseasonably warm temperatures, so have the pests! Warm weather means an extended season for occasional invaders, such as Asian lady beetles and stinkbugs, as well as year-round pests, […]

Spider Control: Signs You Need the Help of an Exterminator

Spiders. For some homeowners, the word itself inspires terror. Could spiders hide in your clothes and bite you when you slip them on? Could the bite be poisonous and require medical treatment? Could spiders in your home proliferate until the residence looks like a creepy set from the Hollywood film Arachnophobia? The answer to all […]

Carpenter Ant Removal: How the Extermination Process Works

Carpenter ants are miniscule insects that pose almost no threat when there is only one of them, but when they infest your home or business in the thousands, they can do what no human carpenter would: Damage the wood in the structure, weakening its dimensional stability and possibly causing visible damage to aesthetic elements, such […]

Are Carpenter Bees Turning Your Home in to Swiss Cheese?

When we think of bees, we usually envision honey bees pollinating flowers and nesting in natural sites, such as tree cavities, or inhabiting hives made expressly for bee colonies. However, for homeowners, not all bees lead such a charmed existence. Carpenter bees (a.k.a. wood bores) often destroy structural wood to create nests instead of searching […]

When to Use Commercial Pest Control Services for Stinging Insects

Stinging insects have been both a scourge and a blessing to the world throughout the centuries. When the insects feel threatened — which usually happens when someone accidently stumbles across them — they often release several, powerful stings that feel like getting a series of rabies shots, but many of the insects also pollinate flowers […]