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Are moles mangling your manicured lawn? Are voles vexing your yard’s appearance? If you’ve found yourself googling information about how to get rid of gophers, Holper’s understands your pest problems and has all your lawn solutions. Those Maddening Moles Often assumed to be rodents, moles are actually insectivores and are related to shrews. They are […]

Expert Advice: How To Get Rid of Bats

I’m Jeff Holper, founder and owner of Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions. Over the years I have become an expert on St. Louis bat removal. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have been asked advice on how to get rid of bats. I have heard crazy stories from DIY folks that […]

How to Prevent Bed Bugs

The thought of an insect crawling on you while you sleep makes most people squirm.  As unsettling as the thought is, the reality becomes worse if you discover the bug crawling on you is a bed bug. A discovery of that nature quickly leads to wondering about bed bug treatments. What Do Bed Bugs Look […]

Four Reasons Why Holper’s Is Your Squirrel Problem Solution

Is scratching in your walls and attic driving you nuts?  Are squirrels running on your roof or on the power lines leading to your house?  Do you see them disappearing above your gutters?  Does it sound like something is knocking on your ceiling?  You, my friend, likely have yourself a good old-fashioned squirrel problem.  Luckily, […]

Along Came a Spider…How To Kill Brown Recluse Spiders

One of the alarming things homeowners can experience is the discovery that they are sharing their home with brown recluse spiders. Spiders in general are one of the most hated, and often feared, pests. Compound that with the potentially dangerous nature of a brown recluse bite, and you have a situation fraught with stress and […]

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs: Spray Treatment Vs. Heat Treatment

According to a 2015 report from Huffington Post, the five U.S. cities that experience the most bed bug infestations are Chicago, Detroit, Columbus, Los Angeles, and Cleveland. Thankfully, St. Louis isn’t on the list. However, like the cities above, ours has nonetheless experienced an uptick in bed bug problems that’s reflective of a nationwide increase […]