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How to Prevent Bed Bugs

The thought of an insect crawling on you while you sleep makes most people squirm.  As unsettling as the thought is, the reality becomes worse if you discover the bug crawling on you is a bed bug. A discovery of that nature quickly leads to wondering how to prevent bed bugs. What Do Bed Bugs […]

Why Are Mice Such A Problem This Year?

Mice, mice, everywhere! Or at least that seems to be the case in the St. Louis region right now. What is going on to create such a bumper crop of rodents here? More importantly, what are steps to take to get rid of mice and keep them away? Why so many mice? Given that last […]

That’s So Unusual: Unique Pest Control Needs

There are certain pest control needs that you hear about all the time: spiders, mice, ants, moles, squirrels, bed bugs, etc. But there are other pest and wildlife control issues that while rarer, are no less problematic for the property owner dealing with them. Whether it is snake nest removal, shrew control, or opossum removal, […]

If I Get Bed Bugs, Do I Need to Change My Mattress?

Good question! The first reaction that many people have when they discover bed bugs is to throw out everything they have–an understandable knee-jerk reaction. The thought of bed bugs in your mattress causes discomfort when wondering how you’d ever feel relaxed again in your bed! But there is good news! There is no need to […]

Fall Pest Prevention of Fall Invaders

Fall has come to call for its annual visit. Without fall pest prevention, the new season won’t be your only visitor. Lower temperatures bring an assortment of fall invaders all happy for the chance to drop in and say howdy! While the only guaranteed way to stay  completely insect-free is an ongoing home pest prevention […]

The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf Spider

We all know the story of the little boy who cried wolf. I think it’s safe to say that the same little boy, if he came upon a wolf spider, might cry out, too–but in horror. Wolf spiders elicit a particularly strong response to their appearance, and it isn’t positive. What are wolf spider facts? […]

Holper’s In Your Neighborhood

All pest control is not created equal. To properly serve a geographical area, you need a history of service that creates knowledge of trends and infestations in that area. Holper’s is home grown and home owned! With more than three decades of service, Holper’s has developed the precise knowledge of local pests to not only […]

How To Prevent And Control Rodents

As the temperatures outside begin to cool, rodent prevention and rodent control become issues all homeowners need to think about. How do I know what pest you have? How do I prevent and control rodents?  Identifying Your Rodent Invaders There are three main rodent types seen this time of year in the St. Louis area. […]

How Do I Keep Squirrels Away?

This time of year, it is not uncommon for pregnant squirrels to search for a perfect nesting spot. As you might imagine, a warm, cozy attic will hold a far greater appeal to a mama-to-be squirrel than an old tree does. Knowing that your attic is prime real estate for nesting squirrels, you have to […]