Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions isn’t your normal pest control company. We’re one of the pioneers of St. Louis pest control and our unique approach has allowed us to proudly serve homeowners and business owners across the St. Louis region for over three decades.

To discover what sets us apart, and what has enabled decades of successful pest control, you can point to our delivery model, which is an effective and market leading combination of knowledge, technology, and customer service.

The Inspection

At Holper’s, we have learned that there is nothing more critical to protecting your home from unwanted pests than the annual inspection of your home. While most pest control companies in St. Louis use the inspection to gain an upper hand on you, we treat it as an opportunity for you to get the upper hand on your pest problem.

The inspection of your home is a gateway to knowledge that will equip you to successfully overcome the perpetual invasion of pests that threaten your peace of mind. When we inspect a home, we study every inch inside and out to identify both current and potential weaknesses. What we’re looking for is a thorough understanding of the unique characteristics of your home that make it attractive to pests. We document how and why pests might enter your home so you can be best prepared to keep the critters away.

Embedded in our philosophy is an understanding that not all homes, neighborhoods, and pests are created equal. There is no “one size fits all” approach with us. By designing a thorough, mindful, and attentive plan to protect your home, Holper’s is able to deliver a more affordable and effective service. An excellent inspection is the foundation to achieving and preserving your peace of mind.

The Truth

Each quality Holper’s inspection comes with another extraordinary ingredient, one that is often absent in the world of pest control: the truth. If your home is vulnerable and requires a lot of protection, we tell you just that instead of promising a quick one-time fix. On the other hand, if we find that you’re in good shape, we aren’t going to make up excuses for us to come back when it isn’t necessary.

We call this dedication to the truth the Grandma Effect, which means we treat everyone not only as we want to be treated, but also as we would want our Grandma to be treated. I wouldn’t want someone taking advantage of my Grandma and selling her something she didn’t need, and you can be certain it’s the same with Holper’s; you’ll be treated with care and integrity.

The truth is something people often take for granted – and that can be a costly habit. But at Holper’s, we never take the truth for granted and we sincerely value making sure you know the whole truth. If you’re interested in discovering the truth about your home and the pests that make their residence there too, then please give us a call. We’d be honored to inspect your home and show you what we’re all about. The Holper’s Difference has been making a difference in St. Louis for decades, and we are excited to do the same for you.

The Technology

Most St. Louis pest management companies use the best technology and treatments on the market to protect your home. What makes Holper’s different? We make the best technology and treatments. Jeff Holper, the famous Molehunter, is a serial entrepreneur and inventor in the pest control business. No one in St. Louis has had a bigger footprint on pest control and Jeff brings that innovation to your home with unrivaled proprietary solutions.